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Kate Carrigan Wall Art

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Kate Carrigan is a contemporary photographer who was born and raised in New York City. She love art from a tender age and was encouraged by many people who noticed her talent to pursue art as a career. She put much effort to achieve her dream of becoming a full time artist and eventually began working as a commercial photographer. Due to her hard work it never took her long before she started creating and selling her own work. In Kate’s imagery her interest is to capture reality with her camera. Her finished works of art are defined by her personal version of reality. She says that what the camera captures is only part of the picture, so to communicate the entire story or experience she prefers to add her touches and enhance the image.

She adds that fleeting instants of light, color perceptions, and dimensional perspective that some viewers experience in a given moment are not always present in a simple photograph. Kate loves art and says she can’t imagine doing something different. It is art that makes her feel complete. Through photography she’s able to communicate to the world what she feels about her subjects. Kate is open to learning new techniques and styles to help improve her work. That’s why she’s a regular visitor to art exhibitions, shows and museums. Her art can be found in many public and private collections and galleries worldwide. She’s been a great source of inspiration to many people especially the upcoming artists.
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