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Timothy Craig Wall Art

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Timothy Craig (Born in 1970) was born in New Hampshire. He has painted cityscapes wherever he has lived — Benares [India], Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, San Francisco, Boston, and Manchester, NH, his hometown. His passion for decoration, sculpture, and printmaking has generated the tapestry, textural quality of his exhilarating new cityscapes. Craig lives in Santiago, Chile with his wife Amelia, and their daughter. With his paintings, he’s trying to capture the astonishing beauty of the world around us, whether of the city or of nature. It is his desire to create ornamental objects that represent reality, so that the 3D could be indicated by an eye-catching 2D design, with lyrical lines, harmonious color arrangements, and an attitude of liveliness. He says it’s possible to make a cityscape or a landscape have all the decorative elements of a colorful artwork, yet remain truthful in portraying light and depth.

He sometimes carves the thick paint with a Dremel tool or a linocut tool to make the outlines simple and force the “flatness of the design.” He also has a passion for music which he inherited from his father. His father managed to go through college by writing songs and also promoting a 5-piece band in the 1960's. While in college in Florida, Craig was inspired by Bob Seger, John Mellencamp, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Buffett. Craig began writing his own songs. Currently, he spends time in Ft. Myers, Florida and Los Angeles, Nashville. He is a member of The Recording Academy and has released 6 albums.
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