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Kristiana Parn Wall Art

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Estonian-born artist Kristiana Pärn works and lives in New York City. She’s loved art all her life but launched her art career at the age of 17. Kristiana studied with Marje Berlokko and shortly after her graduation, she moved to New York City and joined the School of Visual Arts to study animation. Kristiana’s learning process was easy because she’s open to criticism, and is willing to learn from other artists. Backed by the experience she had with Marje Berlokko, Kristiana started producing outstanding works after just a short time. From 2005, she decided to focus her attention exclusively to works of illustration and started out as a textile designer for many studios in Manhattan. Kristiana has been able to produce very beautiful images and her hard work and dedication has made her to get many clients. In 2006, she established her own studio in Brooklyn.

She’s always looking new creative ways, styles and techniques to help improve her work. Her work has been shown throughout the United States and abroad. Each of her pieces starts with a bare wood panel, complete with random grain variations and patterns. The wood pane is the saturated with paint to obscure and accentuate the marks. In the process she creates an atmosphere that’s only partly her doing. She’s able to produce attractive pieces of art that has made her art to be in great demand. Her art has therefore found its way into many art galleries, shows and exhibitions; and they have received positive reviews from professional critics.
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