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Erin Ashley Wall Art

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Erin Ashley is a full-time self taught artist with a desire to capture, create and preserve a true beauty of art in each painting. She hopes to create a happy escape for the viewer. She begins her work without any preconceived ideas at all about what the finished work would look like. She says that art has the power to make one see things in a new light. It helps the viewers to see the beauty in things that some may take for granted, or overlook. She likes the idea of each painting being a journey that ends at a beautiful destination. Her paintings are made with lots of textures and color that brings out the old with the new. As an artist, inspiration comes to her in many forms. She sees so much beauty in old weathered things. Layers of old buildings, rusted metals, and chipped paint - they excite her and spark new ideas within her - a new life that’s waiting to be discovered just hiding behind the old.

Erin’s work has appeared in many galleries in Italy, the United States, and solo exhibitions. She’s been commissioned by several fortune 500 companies such as Blick Art Corporate headquarters Chicago, Time Warner editing studios, Cartoon Network, and many other designers and prestigious companies worldwide. She’s an internationally recognized artist who’s lived in Florida, Los Angeles and New York for most of her life. The artist has applied her diverse experiences and background to the contemporary arts. She currently lives in Florida with her husband (an artist) and two beautiful children.
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