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Melozzo Da Forli Wall Art

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Melozzo da Forlì (Born 1438) was born near Ravena in Italy. He was early Renaissance painter. His style was much influenced by Piero della Francesca and Andrea Mantegna, and was one of the great fresco artists of the 15th century, who’s noted for his skilled use of foreshortening and illusionistic perspective. He’s mentioned in Forlì in 1460 and 1464, and also between 1465 and 1475. Melozzo was probably active at Urbino, where he came into contact with the architect Donato Bramante, Piero - who became the main source of his pictorial style - and the Spanish and Flemish painters who were employed by Federico da Montefeltro. It is believed that Melozzo worked with Spaniard Pedro Berruguete and Flemish painter Justus of Ghent in decorating the studiolo of the ducal palace at Urbino. Around 1472, he transferred to Rome. Some claim that there’s evidence of his presence in Rome 5 or 10 years earlier and did some work in the Basilica di San Marco.

He finished his first major work in Rome in 1477, a fresco representing Platina being appointed as Librarian of the Vatican Library by Sixtus IV. The work is now transferred to canvas and placed in the Pinacoteca Vaticana. With designs by Melozzo, Girolamo constructed a palace in Rome in the same year. Melozzo was one of the original members of the Academy of St Luke. This academy was founded by Sixtus IV with and aim of uniting the chief painters who were working in the city. His art became very attractive and he received several other commissions.
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