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Kevin A. Williams better known as WAK (Kevin A. Williams in reverse) has become one of the most popular African American artists in the nation. His company, "WAK Artistry" distributes a collection of 50 lithograph prints and represent the most widely circulated urban fine art series in the nation. WAK creates his art work using mixed mediums, and then reproduces them lithographs in various limited – and broad – edition quantities. WAK also creates a number of commissioned works annually. As the best-selling artist in the African-American print market, Williams is a popular personality at national art shows, conferences of African-American groups and major international events, including the Essence Music Festival. His art has been featured on television’s “Law & Order” (NBC) and “Soul Food” (Showtime). The WAK Artistry line was launched in 1995, and began with as single print, “Taking Her Back.” That sparked the creation of the five-work “Black Love” series which brought him wide acclaim, and led to a 1997 commission from Motions, the hair-care company, to create “Standing Appointment,” a wildly popular work with the hair-care industry. In 1998, WAK Artistry created “Cream of the Crop,” a collection of fraternity and sorority images and the next year marked WAK’s first appearance at the Essence Music Festival. Recent years have included commissioned work for celebrities, such as televisions host and movie producer Oprah Winfrey and comedian Bernie Mac, as well as corporate clients. He formed Soul Visions in May 2003. If pictures are worth a thousand words, then self-taught artist WAK - Kevin A. Williams has created enough elements of love, intimacy and passion on canvas to write a book. The sensual art that he creates is among the most contemporary African-American art of our time. Williams combines acrylic and air brush techniques to speak to different generations of people. He enjoys expressing love, community, and the family through his paint and brushes.
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