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Angela Ferrante Wall Art

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Angela Ferrante has always been interested in the culture and history of museums. She has been on internship as a curator at the Brooklyn Museum since 2007. Angela holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History from New York University. Since becoming an intern at New York University in the Asian and Islamic Art departments, she has had the chance to work on many exciting projects, including exhibitions and the re-installation of the Islamic galleries. Many have fallen in love with her art and today they can be found in many private and corporate collections all over the world. Angela is today and Art Director and has spent her time using her visual evaluation skills in the art gallery, the professional context of the museum, and the design studio. Currently, she’s one of the best artists in New York and she has attracted a huge following of loyal fans.

Her fans are always on the lookout for her new pieces of art. Angela previously worked with Carli-Jones Dorian on his short film, Fugue, and she has been happy to put her skills to good use and in more creative endeavors. That aside, Angela is always open to learning. She surrounds herself with some of the leading artists from whom she learns new ideas, techniques and skills to help improve her own art. She also reads a lot, especially books that deal with art. Since she launched her work as an artist she has produced many pieces of art that cover different themes.
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