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Marietta Cohen Wall Art

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Marietta Cohen graduated high school of fine arts, and then studied textile design in Moscow, Russia for one year and finally at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria. Marietta loved art from a tender age and her earliest memories refer to painting and drawing. She grew up in Bulgaria where she was born. Being a communist set up there was no opportunity for individual creative expression was possible. However, she clearly remembers the thrills of eagerness and joy with which she expected her drawing lessons. Marietta decided to become and artist at the age of 12. Her inspiration comes from the ordinary and most simple at first sight objects but seen through my eyes and felt in my heart. Her family decided to move to Israel after the fall of Communism in Bulgaria. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in textile design while she was in Israel.

She worked for years as textile designer in different parts of the world –France, Germany, Israel, and lately San Francisco and San Diego USA; Marietta always liked her profession but her heart was in painting. The desire to work as a painter was so strong that she decided to quit her design work and return to painting – her first love. When she first looked at the white canvas she felt a thrill in her guts. She wondered what adventure lay ahead and whether there could be obstacles or everything would come out smoothly. She managed to overcome her fears. The designer in her helps her to find the balance between the exquisite and the decorative. Her canvases contribute to and complement the right finish of home decoration.
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