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Alexandre Descubes Wall Art

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Mini Descubes Fine Art Print
Mini Descubes
8" x 12"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $106.99
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Artist/cartographer, Alexandre Descubes is a botanical artist known for his watercolor botanical drawings. The LGBG holds about 2500 original watercolor botanical drawings by him. Botanical art classes were regularly used with the collection but no further progress was made in discovering Descubes background until late 2003. That was when a Garden board member noticed Descubes’ botanical watercolors in a gallery window in California. Here, there were more than 1,000 pieces for sale together with the metal trunk where they had been stored. The entire group was purchased by Mrs. Robins who generously paid for them. The addition of many new pieces made defining his collection a priority. Descubes is known for his botanical drawings that reveal his completely personal view of his subject matter.

He has received much acclaim for his art that threw him to the limelight. Ever since, he decided to devote himself exclusively to art, he became famous mainly for his use of bold colors. His energetic strokes of artistic elements effectively allow his viewers to see his subjects through his eyes. The artist strived to capture more than just the visual, but also the emotional effect and tiny details of his subjects. In the course of his work, he produced innumerable pieces of art which today adorn the walls of many homes, galleries and art museums. His art has also found its way into many institutions. He’s considered to be one of the best artists of his time, and his art is usually highly priced by many collectors.
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