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Poster Hangers

Posterhanger is a new and innovative way to quickly and easily frame art prints. Posterhangers are sold as a set of two (top and bottom) and include everything that you need to start hanging art.

Posterhanger Parts
Everything's Included

When you purchase a posterhanger you will receive a complete set with everything that you will need to hang a poster up. Each kit includes: Two aluminum posterhanger bars, four black rubber end caps, plastic sliders, and a nail that fits into the top bar.

Poster Hangers Model
Works Great with Signage

Posterhangers can also be used for commercial displays and signage. They are ideal for presenting promotional materials such as storefront or restaurant business displays. The Posterhanger product is very well built and durable for commercial applications.

First step to assemble a poster hanger
Step 1

Clip - Slip the included plastic clips onto the top and bottom edges of the print. These will in turn hold the print inside of the posterhanger.

how to hang a poster
Step 2

Slide - Then slide the aluminum bars onto the top and bottom of the print. The black rubber plugs go into each end of the bar.

DIY hang a poster
Step 3

Hang - Once both sides of the poster are in the bars you can hang it up. The top bar has a hole in which the enclosed nail goes.

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