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Nature is something that is all around us. Some people enjoy walking outside and feeling everything that nature has to offer. Others want to bring nature inside their homes. This is where nature art comes into play. There are many different forms of nature art out there, from paintings and photography to sculptures and wood art. Nature art can bring a lot to your home, depending on what type of art you go for. There are plenty of different kinds of nature art that can be put in strategic places in your home, making your home more of a part of nature. Some of the more seen subject material include paintings of flowers and landscapes. These are among the first things many people picture when thinking of nature, as they are generally seen as beautiful. Animals are another one that is seen often. Generally, these are more wild animals than anything else, though you will see some things like insects and butterflies.

The animals are generally seen in majestic poses. Wolves are a favorite subject matter. There is something about seeing an animal like a wolf in your house that brings you right out into nature. It can give a visceral feeling to your home. Meanwhile, the flowers and landscapes give a different feeling. Many times, these aim to add beauty into your home in a slightly different way than that of animals. Instead of a wild animal instinct, you are getting beauty inside a painting or on your wall in general. The colors can vary greatly. Often times, the brighter nature portraits aren't as commonly seen. They might not go as well with what is already in your house when compared to something that's a little more neutral with colors. Nature art can transform your home into something magical. Using this kind of art can connect you with nature and connect you with each other.
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nature art in a living room
nature framed prints in a living room
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When you are looking to bring nature art into your home, your reasons may vary greatly. For some, it is all about bringing in the outdoors. Many people love the outdoors and love doing any sort of activities outside. If they can bring some of the outdoors into their own home, then it will help immensely. This will keep them connected with nature at all times of the day, rather than just when they have time to go outside. This can help relax them, especially after a particularly long and stressful day. These types of people need nature in their lives to feel relaxed, as it is something that they love.

Others just enjoy the idea of having nature in their homes. They might want to protect the environment or they might just really enjoy the type of art that comes from nature art. They are not necessarily people who love nature, but rather people who love art. There are some people who have very neutral colored houses. Maybe they have beige or white walls. Adding some art into your home might just make things pop out and become even more beautiful than before. It doesn't matter the reason you want nature art in your home, it's all about how it makes you feel. Art of any kind can have an impact on your life. It could be nature art, it could be a portrait, it could be a sculpture. No matter what it is, having these pieces of art in your home can bring a sense of relaxation.

Forest Study II
Woodland Trail IV (Rabbit)
Lodge Squares 03
Mineral Rings 3
Skinny Dip Crop
Chillin Coyote
Aspens I
There is something a little different about close up nature art. Many times, this is flowers. It is a close up rendition of the petals of a flower. This is different from having a scene with flowers in it. A close up view of a flower will even bring a brand new perspective of the beauty of the flower. Along with that, a close up of a flower sometimes may not look like a flower. You will have more of a free reign in figuring out what this piece of art truly is rather than what it says it is. This, of course, isn't always the case.
Aspens II
Close up of center of white orchid with yellow center
Mountain Stream
Curious Cub II
Nature Phtotograph
Nature photography is much different from paintings or wood art. Close up photography, many times, is of the center of a flower. It can be a beautiful thing to look at, especially when it is of a beautiful flower to begin with. It can bring the person looking at the art into that place and might even make them want to go to that place in the future.

Another common thing in photography is, of course, animals. This can be many different kinds of animals, including wild animals or insects. Insects can be very interesting to see, as you might get a very close look at an insect on a flower or on something else.
Woods, Shenandoah National Park
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