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How to Choose a custom frame for your art

Choosing a complementing Frame

Choosing a frame to complement your selected artwork can be a daunting task. has a wide variety of frame colors, styles and sizes as well as mats and glass finishes to choose from. So spending some time making your choice will ensure that you end up with a product that reflects your personal style, is exactly to your taste and that you will enjoy for years to come. We want to make the process as easy and effortless as possible by providing a few guidelines. Here are three key steps to choosing a frame for your artwork.

Choose a Color

Fulcrum Gallery carries frames in standard colors such as black, brown, gold, silver and many more. Within each main color category, there are frames with different finishes and widths. So the first thing you need to choose is the frame color. Consider the type of print you are trying to frame. Is it modern or traditional; rustic or abstract; monochromatic or multi-colored? Next, think of the space where you will be hanging the artwork and its decor style. If you have a rustic print and your room's decor is country, then choosing a brown frame over a black frame may be a better choice.

choosing a black frame
gold frame option
wrong option
best option

On the other hand a black frame may be more appropriate for an abstract piece of artwork that is to be displayed in a modern living room.

For a nursery or kid's room choosing a bright colored frame is the way to go for a fun and youthful look. Natural frames are ideal for bathrooms and homes with a beachy style decor. You may decide on a frame color that complements the colors of the artwork or helps to make the art stand out as in the examples below. Last of all, let's not forget your particular preference and style. If a silver frame speaks to you over a gold one, then go for it. Do you prefer the frame to match the artwork or to provide contrast? There is no right answer. Whenever in doubt, stick with black that goes with just about anything.

Choose a Size

So you have decided on a frame color. Your next step is figuring out the size of the moulding. Our frames come in a number of width sizes ranging from just under half an inch to 3.5 inches. Do you want the frame to be significant and part of the artwork or be less of a focus. Small prints do not necessarily need to be framed in thin frames, nor do large ones in thicker frames. A thicker frame can help make a small print stand out and draw attention to the art. Conversely, if you want the artwork to dominate and be the center of attention, then a thinner and simpler frame is called for.

choosing a thick frame
thin frame option

For a gallery style display, the size of the frame can add an interesting dimension to the overall look. Framing each of the prints in the same sized moulding will help to create a unifying look. However, if the prints have a common theme and are similar in look and style then choosing frames with different widths will add variety and interest.

Choose a Style and Finish

In addition to the different colors and width sizes, Fulcrum Gallery offers a number of different frame styles and finishes. We have frames with a simple flat clean look to more ornate ones with detailed accents in gold, silver or bronze. There are frames with smooth satin finishes and others with a distressed and weathered look. They come in different materials such as metal, wood and polystyrene.

In a room with a modern decor, choose a frame with clean lines and minimal details. For a traditional living room with period furniture, an ornate frame with an antique finish would complement the style of the decor.

modern frames

Distressed and weathered looking frames are ideal for a rustic/country themed decor. Metal frames are ideal for pop art in a teen's room. Artwork that is busy and has a lot of detail may best be framed in a simple frame whereas a print with minimal content and colors could benefit from a frame with more detailed accents. If budget is a concern, a polystyrene frame may be better than wood.

Last but not Least

Once you have decided on a frame, you can further customize your artwork by adding one or more mats and choosing glass or plexi-glass to protect your artwork. For ideas on how to select mats, please refer to our guide on Choosing the Right Mat for your Art. Plexi-glass is an acrylic product that is lightweight and shatter resistant. It comes in a clear or non-glare finish. Glass is thicker and heavier and is available in clear, non-glare and museum quality finishes. With museum quality you get amazing clarity and 99% UV protection.

Through Fulcrum Gallery's user friendly customization tool, you can explore several options by trying different combinations and configurations to arrive at the perfect product. Finally, after reading through the guides and experimenting with options you still cannot make a decision on a choice of frame, mat and/or glass, we are always here to help. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives can assist you in making good choices. So give us a call with any questions you may have.

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