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Food art, specifically still-life paintings and pictures depicting various types of food, is a human tradition that goes back thousands of years. Because food is a very important part of our existence, and eating is often a family-oriented activity, still-life food art invokes feelings of comfort, joy, warmth, and hospitality in those who view it. Let's look at how still-life food art can help transform your home or business into a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Still life of fruits and vegetables are standard in art classrooms across the country and it's because nutrition and eating are essential to the human experience. Food art and pictures of cuisine can inspire feelings of passion, comfort, and familial connection and that's why many people turn toward the subject matter for great decorations and wall art.
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Victoria Arduino
Business food art
Obviously, food art is common in places that sell food, particularly dine-in restaurants. The connection here is clear - the art reinforces the feelings that make eating such an enjoyable experience. It reminds us of the role that food plays in our lives and in our connections with others, and also of the many great memories that were created around a dinner table with family and friends. However, food art prints can also play a valuable role in decorating your office space or retail establishment, even if your business has nothing to do with food! The atmosphere of comfort and hospitality that food art helps to create can benefit an accountant or a car salesman just as it would a restaurant manager.
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Home food artwork
Food artwork is a no-brainer for decorating your home. By utilizing food art as part of your overall approach to home decoration, you get to take advantage of the many different themes and settings that this kind of art can help to create. Put paintings of great feasts and bountiful harvests in the kitchen to inspire you while you create meals for your family, and decorate your home office or living room with pieces depicting a relaxing glass of wine (for those of you with a refined palate) or a rejuvenating cup of coffee. There's a piece of food art for almost every mood and setting!
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Decorating With Food Art

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food kitchen artwork
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The type of food art you buy should fit the needs of the space you are decorating. If your kitchen has a sharp, modern feel, try adding a piece that matches it. A work like 'Chalkboard Green Beans' by Art Licensing Studio could be the perfect fit. The darker colors and high detail fit right in with a sleek, modern space. You also need to think about the size of the area you are going to cover. A small painting can really stand out as a nice addition to your wall, but it can also have the effect of making the space around it stand out or appear larger. Some food works of art look great without a frame, but you may want one either to protect the piece or to add some extra flare. Remember, the frame does have an impact on the overall appearance of the artwork, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Types of Fruit Art
Pates Baroni, 1921
Still Life
Kitchen Scene with Christ in the House of Martha and Mary, Detail
A Bowl of Apples, 1880
history food art
No matter what time period interests you, there is likely a piece of food artwork available that fits your needs. From the modern era to the Renaissance, there is food art available from thousands of artists over hundreds of years. There is even food art dating back to the time of the ancient Egyptians! Food framed art became increasingly popular during the 1600's with a culture that showed a growing interest in scientific examination, and as a result produced many highly detailed food drawings and other inanimate objects. Since that time, artists' depictions of food have increased in popularity throughout the world.

We've already talked about many of the benefits of using food art to decorate, and there are several more. In addition to its versatility, food still-lifes are still very popular across the world and appeals to a large variety of people. Many famous artists, such as Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, included food art in some of their works. It is also used by artists to showcase their artistic ability and technique, and is available in many different styles that distinguish one piece from another. Good framed food art can also be purchased for a fair price. Places like have a large and diverse selection of this art subject (and others) at reasonable prices. They even offer frames to go with the painting or print of your choice.

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