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Featured Artists

Featured artists can be a useful, and even necessary, category for both new art buyers and long time enthusiasts or collectors. With the increasingly diverse amount of styles available in the art world, finding unique pieces of personally appealing art can be difficult even for savvy consumers. Because of this difficulty in sorting through the various art movements, having certain artists featured each week can assist in the search for artwork that reflects a particular preference or style. For people who are uncertain of what type of artwork they prefer, featured artists can even provide a customized gateway for making sure that they receive art that speaks to them as an individual, as well as exposing themselves to new and exciting varieties of artistic expression that they may have been unaware of.
Vincent Van Gogh
Leonardo Da Vinci
Pierre Auguste Renoir
Michelangelo Buonarroti
Alfred Gockel
Claude Monet
Gustav Klimt
Rembrandt van Rijn

Also, since different artists can express a diverse range of content, styles, and moods in their portfolio, featuring individual artists instead of a particular style or art movement can be useful for people who are unsure of what they're looking for. An example of an artist whose styles changed radically throughout their career is modern artist Pablo Picasso, whose Cubist works gained worldwide recognition, while his representational and Impressionistic pieces were largely ignored. Additionally, consumers are able to peruse the body of works of any featured artist, even if they only know of one piece of work that said artist executed, or are unsure of what art movement that particular artist was involved in. Featured artists all have personalized interpretations of the world around them. Therefore, finding an artist that depicts a certain style or type of content in their work is a great way to coordinate artistic options for a particular room. It can also help them develop themes in which the decor is not only flattering, but results in an unified expression of their own personal style. Consumers can also refer to their favorite featured artists in order to find other artists that suit contemporary and traditional decorative styles that they prefer.

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