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Bette Davis Art

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Bette Davis Fine Art Print
Bette Davis
12" x 15"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $40.99
Sale: $20.49
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1 Item
Many Hollywood actors get typecast and end up playing only bad guys, or do the exact opposite and can’t shake off the characters played in comedies. Bette Davis is regarded as one of the best actresses of all time and she was always praised for her acting skill, even though she usually played the villain or at least an unsympathetic character.
Bette Davis art prints dating before she made her Hollywood debut are numerous, which is the natural result of Bette being a gifted Broadway star. The transition was not silky smooth and the early roles were far from stellar, which explains why it is relatively difficult to find Bette Davis printings for those films. The good news is that has you covered, with Seed and The Bad Sister being some of her less memorable roles.

If you are in the market for the classics and seek Bette Davis posters celebrating her best acting ever, you should be looking for Jezebel, All About Eve and Now, Voyager wall art. The latter followed four years after Jezebel who was her first big hit and there are dozens of art prints for these two movies alone. Whales of August and Of Human Bondage posters on the other hand are a better choice for connoisseurs or Bette Davis fans that seek to adorn their walls with less known pictures of her.
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