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Tre Sorelle  artwork

Tre Sorelle

Originally from Phoenix Arizona, Tre Sorelle Studios is made up of three sisters who live in a small mountain town in North Eastern Arizona. These three sisters and their best friend started up their own business which was successful. Their work has been featured in dream home tours, design showcases, and television. Tre Sorelle Studios looks to gardening, cooking, hiking and other passions for inspiration. All four of these women work side by side to stay close and expand their creativity together. All four women that started this business are active mothers to young children.
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Does the place you live have an effect on your art?

Absolutely, we live in what only can be described as "God's Country", we are surrounded by gorgeous mountains, forests, and a rare waterway that cuts through our mountains, and brings verdant flora and fauna to the normally dry high desert. We live in a rural country area, so we have chickens, a horse, and wildlife all around us. The peace and quiet is quite conducive to creativity and the stillness helps bring focus when working through our frenetic deadlines.

How did you get a career as an artist?

We traveled to Europe right after college with an college art professor and fellow students, and just fell in love with Art History and Architecture. We came home and decided we wanted to do something with my artistic talent and go into a creative business for ourselves. We started a mural business on a whim during the housing boom, and it took off.

What is your biggest inspiration for art?

Nature, travel, and the drive to stay on top of the freshest and most beautiful trends. We love creating beautiful things that make our customers happy.
Chalkboard Wine II by Tre Sorelle
Tre Sorelle ArtTre Sorelle PrintsTre Sorelle ArtworkTre Sorelle Artwork

Where do you see yourself as an artist in the next 10 years?

We hope to have a brand that has an even larger footprint in the home decor market, to have lines of home decor and art based on focused design programs that we feel would bring excitement, freshness and beauty to a market that can often get bogged down with only safe and redundant options.

Is there a style of art you are interested in trying?

We love to oil paint, but don't get the chance to work on it as much in the fast paced commercial side of our business, so we would love to explore that medium more, learning from some of our favorite luminist and landscape artists and mentors.

How do you know when a piece you're working on is done?

We've had to learn that most often, "less is more", so rather than overworking a piece, once we feel like the idea that we had in mind is now on canvas, we try to step back and just study the piece for a day, then add finishing changes and touches. It can be a week or more of this back and forth, stepping back from the painting to get out of any tunnel vision and make sure that the design is translating to our audience in the way that we envisioned it.

What is your biggest advice for aspiring and uprising artists?

Study people and companies that you admire, study their websites, their portfolios, their presence in the market, and try to find areas that you can identify with, business practices that you can emulate, and build a business substructure on which you can then begin to create art.
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