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Timothy O'Toole artwork

Timothy O'Toole

Born in Dayton, Ohio, Timothy O'Toole lived most of his life in Colorado and Arizona. Phoenix is now where he lives. In his art, O'Toole uses colors of the Southwest. He believes the colors and the lighting of the Southwest play a big influence in his work. Timothy knew in his early years of life that art was going to be a part of him. He had support from his parents who encouraged him to take art classes. He attended Dayton Art Institute for art classes. O'Toole worked at a graphic art studio during his senior year of college. Also in the art field, he worked in graphic arts and commercial arts for several years. Most of artist Timothy O'Toole's work is in acrylics. He believes that each piece he creates is unique and different.

What did you do before devoting your life to art?

After working a number of summer jobs while attending college which were not in the art field, I was fortunate as a senior to get a part-time job at a graphic art studio.

What job did you have before becoming an artist?

I worked at various manual labor jobs while attending art school/college, but my art career started while I was still in college.

Does the place you live have an effect on your art?

I love the colors of the Southwest. The colors and the light of the Southwest are very much an influence in my work.

What do you like most about being an artist?

I feel a sense of accomplishment because I am working in the field that I love with the freedom to create whatever inspires me.

What style do you classify your art as?

My art is a fine balance between Impressionistic and Contemporary art.

What art mediums do you use?

The majority of my work is in acrylics. Working in acrylics seems to give me the most flexibility.

Do you have a favorite art piece that you have created?

I don't have a single piece which is my favorite. Each piece I have created has something unique and different about it. My favorite subject matter is land and seascapes because I feel that subject matter provides me the most creative freedom.

What is your greatest strength in your art?

I was always strong in drawing. However, I feel that my spontaneous interpretation of the subject matter is also a strength.
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