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Rita Vindedzis artwork

Rita Vindedzis

Rita Vindedzis discovered her love for creating art at a very young age. While she formally studied art, her real unique style has always come naturally to her. Using acrylics on canvas, Vindedzis creates inspirational, soothing landscapes from photos she takes while driving through the countryside on family vacations. Some of her artwork though is created entirely from her personal memories and impressions. Each individually focuses on a specific moment in time, such as a sailboat on the water, a meandering path or a peaceful sunset. Her artwork has appeared in numerous magazines, TV programs and in tons of galleries around the world. She has been a professional artist for over 10 years!
Vindedzis in the studioWhispering by Rita Vindedzis

How would you describe the style of art you create?

Being a versatile artist I'm quite comfortable painting in many different styles and depending on what I'm working on at the moment, I can easily switch them up. When I'm working on my 'gallery' paintings I paint in a 'abstracted realism' style. When I paint for reproductions and print on demand I create bright and colorful abstracts, abstracted landscapes, and patterns. I let the creative juices flow while keeping with the latest trend colors and imagery.

What mediums do you use for your art?

Acrylic on canvas but I also use a lot of mixed media. Graphite, paint markers, gouache, inks, gel medium, house paint, molding paste. I also like to mix up the tools with the different media to create textures and layers. Breyers, my own stamps and stencils, palette knives, bubble wrap and such.

What do you enjoy most about being an artist?

I have a live/work space so my morning commute is about 8 steps and I get to spend my days doing work that I absolutely love to do. I get so excited when people that have purchased my art send me photos of it placed in their homes and tell me how much joy it brings them every day...

What is your favorite piece that you've created so far?

If I can only choose one it would have to be 'Blissful' The colors are both energetic and soothing to me. Reminds me of the sun and fresh greenery reflecting onto cool lake water.
Contempo I by Rita VindedzisVindedzis Discussing her Art

What inspires you today and how do you get in the creative zone?

I never know when inspiration will strike so I like to carry around a small notebook to jot down ideas and even make small sketches. My phone is always at the ready to take pictures. Nature and travel are big inspiration sources for me. When it's time to get into the creative zone I make myself a coffee and review my sketches and any photos I've taken. I have piles of magazines and paint color brochures in my studio to go through to get my creative juices flowing. I'll put on some favorite music and start setting out my paints onto my palette. Then I'm ready to have a nice long paint session.
Vindedzis Living Room ArtArtwork by Vindedzis

Is there any style of art that you are interested in trying?

At some point I'd like to give "live" painting a try. I spend hours of solitude in my studio which is fine as I'm an introvert. So to be out there painting live with people watching would definitely get me out of my comfort zone. I think it would be a hard but rewarding experience.
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