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Elo Marc artwork

Elo Marc

Elo Marc is from San Diego, CA which is where he still currently lives. Elo believes that his art is affected by the research he does including his trips to other countries, exposure to cultures and inspiration he collects from other collage artists. As a child, Elo was an actor, had a music band as a teenager and he was doing graphic design with his sister. Elo's art has been featured in magazines, home decor exhibitions and more. A few of his areas of expertise include web design, fashion design, graphic design and collage illustrations. Elo has traveled and lived in different countries, which gave him the opportunity to experience different history, food and cultures.
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What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

Travelled and lived in different countries, that gave me the opportunity to experience different cultures, food and history. The best investment one can make is on memories!

What is your favorite animal? Has it always been your favorite?

Dogs. I have one myself. I like cats but I'm allergic to their fur

What job did you have before becoming an artist?

I am a pluralist designer... I do web design, graphic design, fashion design, collage illustrations and soon a I'm going to be a chef. I think a creative person like me can't put the eggs in just one basket.(if you know what I mean) So I put the eggs in all of them! I have been having a passion for collages since I was a kid. My sisters and I used to do the paper and clue collage around the house when mom took off for work. As I became more knowledgeable of computers along the years, I switched to digital collages. But I still scan textures and stains that I make myself.

How did you get a career as an artist?

I was invited to do an exhibition. I printed my works in large format. I sold one piece and kept the rest. One day a friend of mine came to my house and told me about an e-commerce store where my art would sell well. I opened and account, uploaded 5 arts and completely forgot about it. 4 months after I had some money in my back account and I didn't know where it came from. After tracking the money, I found out it came from that online store. I then opened my whole catalog to them. My art was a success; featured in magazines, home decor exhibitions, sweater collections in Italy, luggage in Paris, watches in Canada, surfboards in California and a collection of shoes by keds.

Where do you get the inspiration to create such unique pieces?

They just come to me. When I'm creating something, another idea comes along... and then another one and that goes on and on... I also have blank days where nothing comes out of my computer white canvas

What kinds of art styles have you tried?

Photo illustration, photo montage. I also do glue and paper collages, and painting when I have time.

Is there a style you are interested in trying?

Right now I think I'm set. But we never know...

What is your favorite color to work with and why?

It used to be blue, now I like all of them. I have learned how to combine them well.

What is your biggest inspiration for art?

My biggest inspiration will be all the ones who are significant enough to be remembered by others. Also all the no's I have received from the people who once said my art was not good enough or would not take me anywhere. They made me stronger and they taught me that amongst 100 no's someone will say a yes. So if you believe in it. Never, ever, give up!
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