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Cynthia Coulter artwork

Cynthia Coulter

Cynthia Coulter is an artist originally from Elizabeth, New Jersey near New York. Cynthia enjoyed taking train rides to New York to visit art museums and gallery districts to see current works. Cynthia currently lives in Ocean County, New Jersey near the Jersey Shore. She loves how she is close to the beach but also close to New York so she can make frequent trips to both of those places. When Cynthia got out of college, she put her art dreams on hold to take a job as an artist for a wallpaper manufacturer. Cynthia continues to make artwork as she is inspired by her surroundings and every day influences.
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"The energy of the NY art scene was so inspiring."

Does the place you live have an effect on your art?

Absolutely! My studio overlooks scenic woods so being surrounded by nature is a daily influence. I frequent the beach often and have a lot of coastal themed paintings. I go for long walks almost every day to the park with my dog, a constant studio companion, and while doing this through the changing seasons there's always something new to see along the way that's inspiring. The daily walks are a great reason to take a break from the studio as creativity flows a lot better when my mind is relaxed.

What jobs did you have before becoming an artist?

I had a few office clerk jobs and waitressed throughout my college years.

When did you first know you wanted to be an artist?

Art has been a great passion of mine since childhood but I decided in high school that my goal was to become a professional artist.

What kinds of art have you tried?

A while back I worked on a series of abstract expressionist paintings. I loved the freeness of using bold, gestural brushstrokes and still try to capture a feeling of spontaneity.

How did you get a career as an artist?

After college, my dream of having a career as a fine artist was put on hold when I chose a more practical path and took a job as an artist for a wallpaper manufacturer. Twenty years later, after having a lucrative and rewarding career in the wallpaper industry, the timing was right to venture out on my own as an artist. I feel so fortunate that I've been able to make a living by doing something I love and enjoy.

Have you always worked independently or with a team since the start of your career? Which do you prefer?

Most of my career has been working with a team. Now that I'm working independently from my home studio, I miss the daily social interaction and the instant feedback you get when you're with a team. Now I ask my husband a lot for his opinion.

What is your biggest inspiration for art?

I'm inspired by everyday influences, fashion trends and especially nature but my biggest inspiration for art are my grandmother's paintings. My grandmother was a very gifted and talented artist but I didn't have the opportunity to spend much time with her because she died when I was only 4 years old. I do have some of her beautiful paintings that I cherish and that will always inspire me. Her paintings have so much depth yet her gestural brushwork appears so effortless and I strive to convey that quality in my work.
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