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Anthony Kleem artwork

Anthony Kleem

Anthony Kleem, a renowned Americana artist, was born and raised in Ohio. He is a loved American artist. He currently still lives in Ohio with his wife and their five children. Anthony specializes in folk and American art and landscapes. Kleem also dedicates time to educating others in art. He also creates oil paintings, murals, acrylic art and sculptures. His artwork is influenced by New England, Eastern Pennsylvania and other rural settings. These are clearly displayed in his art.
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Does the place you live have an effect on your art?

Yes it's rich with local and State history.

How did you get a career as an artist?

I began my art Career in 2001.

What is one thing about you that most people don't know?

I am a Social Studies teacher at North Royalton High School in North Royalton, Ohio.

What styles of art have you tried? Which is your favorite?

I enjoy Impressionism, Folk Art and Americana.
"My advice would be to stay in school, and work hard it will pay off eventually."

Is there a style of art you are interested in trying?

My favorite is Americana.

What mediums do you use for your art? (Graphic design, painting, pastels, sculpting, etc.) Why do you like these mediums the best?

I enjoy Acrylic painting, because of the drying time.

Have you always worked independently or have you worked with a team since the start of your career in the arts? Which do you prefer?

I have worked with a team a art licensors, and I have worked independently. I prefer both.

What is your biggest advice for aspiring and uprising artists?

My advice would be to stay in school, and work hard it will pay off eventually.
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