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Abstract art is not a true realization of an object, person or place but it takes on an exaggerated form to create the artists own take on the particular subject matter, which is determined by what the onlooker sees and interprets from the style, color, shapes etc. Abstract paintings incorporate art that does not express itself through recognizable realities or recognizable external stimuli, but rather looks to achieve an effect using non-traditional shapes, forms, colors, and textures. Abstract art was a radical departure from the traditional and became an expression of modernity.

Picasso had a point when he stated that art cannot be explained as it is the feelings that each individual gets from the work that they are studying. In the same way to understand abstract art you need to accept it for what it is and not try to give an exact meaning for any kind of abstract artwork. Instead of trying to figure out what the piece of art looks like just immerse yourself in the painting, and see what emotions emerge. Take your time and notice how the shape, color and form affect you and what springs to mind.

For many, abstract art is purely emotional and has an amazing selection of abstract art prints.
Types of Abstract Art

Abstract Artwork for the Home

If you love abstract artwork, then take a look at Fulcrum Gallery's expertly chosen selection of abstract artwork and prints. Abstract art allows for interpretation and the expansion of mind and can often make for great minimal decor.

Abstract art shows people that you think outside of the box and that your style is truly original. Expertly chosen abstract art shows people that you have good taste. has chosen a select few abstract prints to be featured. These paintings feature amazing colors and subject matter and our staff loves them. See work by Randy Hibberd, Britt Hallowell and Jay Zinn. Many of the abstract paintings chosen would make for great accent pieces in offices, living rooms, and more areas of the home. Shop for select abstract art at today!

Abstract Artists
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Geometric Abstract Decor
Abstract geometric art is very unique and is a popular type of art for artistic people. These kinds of art pieces will go well on any wall in any given space. They are timeless and flawless which makes them very convenient to work with. Abstract geometric art can evoke so many different feelings and thoughts. Colors and shapes are incorporated throughout each piece to bring out the beauty in this type of art. It is hard to explain how good you feel when looking at this kind of art. Abstract geometric art is fulfilling to watch and have in your space. The shapes and patterns are usually very unique and chic. It is usually very easy to work with abstract geometric art. Most of these paintings have a few color themes on them including reds, whites, purples, or pastel colors. There are so many patterns you could choose from - lines, squares, circles or just random shapes. The best thing is to get something that fits into your style and personality. Make sure that it will also go hand in hand with your decor theme
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Where to Hang Your Abstract Art

Abstract Decor
Abstract Artwork
Abstract Posters

When choosing to display some form of abstract artwork in your home you should take your time as even one poor decision could alter the entire ambiance that you have spent hours creating in your room. When displaying abstract art prints or abstract photographs it is important not to over decorate the space, especially as there are so many options to choose from. A good way to avoid any overkill is to narrow your choices to categories as this will avoid any potential mismatch.

The beauty of abstract artwork is that it can be utilized in every area of your home. For example the abstract art "Sands of Time III" by CH Studios would adorn any dining room wall perfectly whereas the "Indigo Batik" series of prints by Wild Apple Portfolio would be the ideal choice for a living area or bedroom. Abstract art is not for the faint hearted but suited to those that think out of the box and wish to add this dimension to their home.

Whether you are looking to add abstract art print or abstract canvas art to your home there is an enormous collection at your disposal to choose from depending on the ambience that you are trying to create

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Abstract Art Prints
The colors that are used in any type of art can have a certain impact on the viewer and also make or break the interior decor. If you want your new piece of abstract art to blend into your current decor then you should look for a piece that incorporates the colors that are already in use in that space. However if you have a space that is predominately white then the addition of bold abstract wall prints can really give the room some personality and help to bring out your own personal sense of style.

Abstract paintings are a great way to incorporate colors into your space and can help you achieve mood and expression in your home or office. With a multitude of colors to choose from abstract art can be used to enhance any area of the home. You can either pick a color scheme to theme your room around and then pick the art to suit or simply add the art to a minimalist area of the home to add color and personality.
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