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Rian Withaar Wall Art

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Rian Withaar (Born in 1958) was born in Leeuwarden. She started to draw and paint at the age of 10. Her father, Reint Withaar was her stimulating teacher. Reint Withaar was a well-known landscape artist. She bears are her favorite subject but she also likes to paint flowers. Rian has visited several academies of visual arts, including the 'Deva' in Almelo, the 'Ruudt Wackers Academy' and the 'Rietveld Academy', which are both situated in Amsterdam. Rian is seduced by the beauty of color and has been consumed with making paintings that evoke viewer’s emotions. Her paintings seem to develop their own life and provide direction to her. As she works, her paintings generally consist of many layers of color and texture.

Her works have been exhibited in Zwolle, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Haarlem. She uses several kinds of paint, for example acrylic paint, oil paint, textile paint and pastel chalk. As well as canvas she paints designs patterns and textile materials for the clothing industry. She is a talented artist with great insight to different eclectic multi-layering of objects, colors, and textures. Rian has always been influenced by the international world. She is able to bring many new and textured mediums to mix with her great sense of light spacing, and color. These have allowed her to obtain the unique look on her artwork. Her paintings are now much sought after by many private collectors and galleries throughout the world. Her work has been published as greeting cards, as fine art prints, and as posters.
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