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Mike Klung Wall Art

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Mike Klung is an American painter, best known for moderne and nostalgic artistic works. He is a painter who appreciates the vintage style that combines radiant color mixes and a classical representation of nature. Klung draws his passion for expressive art from his childhood days in Baton Rouge where he explored the woods. He saw different tree species, fields, landscapes, and a host of other natural beauties. As a result, his paintings mainly capture these subjects. Although he started painting professionally as an adult, his painting life dates back to his childhood days. It’s for that reason he chose to study graphic and fine arts before going into the job market. Through his graphic and fine art skills, Klung delved into the advertising industry where he built a name for himself with some acclaimed logos for big companies such as J&J, Nissan Motors, and Panasonic. His designs have won him admirations and awards.

Klung’s passion for painting and the responses he receives from fans and critics have made it possible for him to refine his artistic creations, pushing him into fine arts on a full time basis. Klung was influenced into Art Deco and Streamline styles by renowned artists, including A. M. Cassandre and Raymond Loewy and Henry Dreyfus. His choice for the deco and streamline movement then evolved to result in his unique style. Some of his achievements and recognitions are his official artwork for the Miami Beach’s 25th annual Art Deco Weekend and having acted as the official artist of the Disney Fine Art. He refers to his art and style as the "21st Century Art Deco." His reputation in the Art Decor Tradition has put him on the media radar, with his works available on several shows such as The Big Bang Theory, CSI, and more.
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