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Sir Edmond John Poynter Wall Art

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Sir Edmond John Poynter (Born in 1836) was born in Paris. He was the son of an architect called Edward Poynter. As an artist, the ideas of Frederick Leighton, whom he met in Italy in 1853, greatly influenced his art. The Neo-Classical ideas of Leighton were infused in his work. However, being a man of diverse talents, he was also a painter of wall decorations, an accomplished illustrator, designer of tiles and medalist. Poynter spent some time in Paris, where he associated with artists including Lamont, Armstrong and Whistler. He also met Daphne Du Maurier, the author who featured him and his group of friends in her novel Trilby. His art continue to cause a lot of excitement among viewers and collectors. Poynter was keen to detail and his art portrayed the subjects in their true nature. That’s why his art, prints and posters were and are still in great demand.

They are available in a variety of finishing options that increases their collectability. In 1861 Poynter exhibited at the Royal Academy with his very successful painting titled “Israel in Egypt.” Later in his career Poynter turned to subjects that were more inspired by Rome and Greece, generally incorporating accurate and detailed studies of the human figure. His was so successful that he became a leading figure of the British art world. He was an honorary member of The Royal Miniature Society and The Society of British Artists. He also became the Director of The National Gallery. He died in London in 1919.
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