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Mark Barker Wall Art

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Mark Barker is a well established Irish artist. Born in Dublin, Baker realized his passion for painting at a very tender age. According to his parents, he started sketching in his books and at the age of five, his talent got recognized when he won art competition. Since his first recognition as a talented painter, Baker developed into a prominent artist in Ireland. He has done quality portraits and made a name for himself in the process. Many of those who watched Baker grow confessed that he developed an obsession with painting at a very tender age and his paintings were in fact displayed in the Trinity Gallery when he was a student. Baker’s passion for painting did not stop with the beautiful portraits as he went ahead and graduated the University College of Dublin with a degree in arts. Displayed portraits of his work in the Trinity Gallery helped a lot in molding his career because potential clients came to appreciate his talent using this platform. After getting recognition by being awarded the artist of the month severally through the Trinity Gallery platform, he started creating a career path with his painting and started meeting potential clients. Baker’s hard work started paying off because his paintings got more recognition. His paintings become adored by many because of the manner in which his paintings stood out from other paintings. He always had a way of outselling most of his competitors with his stylish, detailed and unique portraits. According to him, the thing that makes his paintings more stylish and unique is the fact that he paints hat he feels.
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