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Cat Tesla Wall Art

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Catherine Tesla, commonly known as Cat Tesla, is an American mixed media artist born in St. Louis, Missouri. She started painting and doodling when she was only 3 years old. Since has never stopped since. Cat has developed her art, created several artwork pieces that have won her praises due to their richness and cleverly use of color. Her works are also appealing because of their fitting texture and richness in form. Cat’s main subjects are landscapes and flowers, with her artwork being influenced by her formal education in graphic design and science. It's all captured in the manner in which she divides her canvas and applies different layers and textures. Cat uses canvas and wood as her main backgrounds. She uses mixed media to create her works. Some of these mediums she uses are oil pastel, acrylic, oil glazes, and mono prints. She also uses small pieces of different paintings, objects, pages from journals and books, silver and gold leaf, and other earthen things that she creates herself.
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