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Manel Doblas Wall Art

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Manel Doblas (Born in 1957) was born in Humilladero, but grew up in Catalonia since a very young age. He began painting as a small boy and since 1981, he has participated in several group exhibitions but his first individual exhibition took place in 1992 at the Rusiñol Gallery, where his art got a warm reception and review from art critics. He has won many awards in different places and he does not mind taking even complex projects because he has the ability to deliver in time and within budget. He as even participated in fast painting contests in Spain. Doblas has never stopped feeling the urgent need to go forward. That’s he’s always looking for spaces where he can capture high-rise buildings and forsaken train stations, that he knows are usually popular with his clients. Doblas has changed his way of expression and he has done it for the best.

He’s a gifted artist when it comes to expression and he has a great technical knowledge, and he does not stop but keeps going forward. In the time that he has been an artist, he has achieved a lot and has managed to attract a huge following both in social media and in real life. Today he’s much sought after and his art has found its way into many prestigious collections all over the world. Discerning collectors often highly price his art because of their quality. However, despite his talent and skill, he’s still open to learning new styles and techniques and is therefore a regular visitor of museums, exhibitions and shows.
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