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Fra Filippo Lippi Wall Art

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Fra Filippo Lippi (1406 - 1469) was born in Florence, under the Canto alla Cuculia, in the side street called Ardiglione. His mother died shortly after his birth and his father died when he was just two years old, leaving him in great poverty. Consequently Lippi remained under the care of his aunt, Monapaccia, who stayed with him until he attained the age of eight. His aunt had difficulty in maintaining him so she made him a friar in the convent of the Carmine in 1420. He stayed here until 1432. While in the convent, Lippi spent all his time scrawling pictures on his own books and those of others instead of studying. This made the prior to give him the opportunity to learn painting. Lippi eventually quit the monastery. In 1452 he was appointed chaplain to the convent of S. Giovannino in Florence, and in 1457 he was appointed rector of S. Quirico in Legania.

It is recorded that in June 1456 Lippi was living in Prato to paint frescoes in the choir of the cathedral. This is where he met Lucrezia Buti, the daughter of Francesco Buti, a Florentine. Under a pretext, Lippi asked that Lucrezia Buti might be permitted to sit for the figure of the Madonna, he engaged in sexual relations with her, abducted her to his own house, and kept her there despite the nuns' efforts to reclaim her. Filippo lived with gaiety and loved to surround himself with cheerful companions. He taught the art of painting to many including Fri Diamante. Among those who studied with him in his youth were Jacopo del Sellaio, Sandro Botticello, Pisello, and countless other masters.
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