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Carl Spitzweg Wall Art

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Carl Spitzweg (1808 – 1885) was born in Unterpfaffenhofen, Germany. He was a romanticist painter, especially of genre subjects. Spitzweg is considered to be among the most important artists of the Biedermeier era. Spitzweg was the second of 3 sons of Franziska and Simon Spitzweg. His father had him trained as a pharmacist from the University of Munich and was awarded the credentials needed to practice as a pharmacist. But, while recovering from an illness, he decided to take up painting. What began as a pastime developed into a professional career. Spitzweg was a self-taught artist, starting out by copying the works of masters. He was able to dedicate himself to painting full time in 1833upon receiving an inheritance. Spitzweg contributed his first work to satiric magazines. He later visited European art centers in Belgium, London, Paris, Venice, and Prague refining his technique and style and studying the works of various artists. His later drawings and paintings are often humorous genre works. Spitzweg settled into a small upper floor room located in Rothenburg.

It was from this room he was often seen taking in the scenes of small-town German while looking down at the world below; life that would one day be his hallmark. These charming scenes are representative of his early work. Indeed, the artist often chose his subjects from among people with whom he came into contact each day, such as street musicians, postmen, and librarians. Some of his most recognizable works include Spanish Serenade and The Cactus Friend, but he is most well-known for The Poor Poet. The painting gained much provenance and holds significance because it has been stolen twice during its existence. For many Germans, the only beloved painting more than The Poor Poet is da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.
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