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Audrey Welch Wall Art

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Audrey Welch was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona. She’s an emerging artist on the San Francisco scene whose work hangs in numerous private collections throughout the United States and in hundreds of Bay area homes. She studied art at the Colorado Institute of Art. She furthered her education by studying painting at San Francisco City College. Audrey moved to San Francisco just a few months before the big earthquake of 1989. She was urged by her family to move back home, but she refused as she found San Francisco to be so creatively inspiring. With a Graphic Design degree and a degree in painting, her paintings are a combination of both of those disciplines. Once in awhile the design element is more restrained, but both components make their way into each piece of her art.

Through the use of color, repetition, and pattern, she creates a rich visual texture and an exhilarating energetic pattern in her work. Color is the most important element of her paintings; she loves to experiment with different palettes to see if they can work together or not. Her newest series of paintings is The Superheroes where she uses comics, spray paint, stencils, resin and printed papers. Audrey begins by gluing down the papers and comics and selecting a color scheme, and then she uses stencils and starts painting on top of the paper. When a composition is finished, she pours the resin over the painting. The resin preserves the painting and adds a thick glossy finish to the painting.
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