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Connie Boswell Wall Art

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Art has been an important part of Connie Boswell’s life from her earliest memories. At the age of 3 years, she was drawing “milk birds” on every scrap of paper she could lay her hands on. Living on a farm, birds were a puzzle to her, and she observed how cows fed their babies. To solve the puzzle, she drew cow udders on her birds. A few years later she began oil painting, with help and encouragement from an 85-year-old lady on a neighboring farm. After she graduated from high school, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in education degree with a major in art from the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Missouri (formerly Central Missouri State College). She married, had two children, but continued painting for her own enjoyment as a mother who stayed at home. During those years, she changed to acrylics due to frustration with the slow drying time of oils. Her career with a painting knife began in 1975 on a beautiful fall day.

Connie and her mother had gone to her sister’s farm to gather walnuts. Connie took pencils and a newsprint pad just in case she would spot a potential painting. Sure enough, the walnut trees became her subject since they were at the edge of the woods near one of her favorite subjects, a creek. She quickly sketched and made notes of the scene for the painting she could hardly wait to begin. She stretched the canvas but soon frustration set in. She could not capture the scene as she had envisaged using oils. She put the unfinished painting in the closet. Later on, she discovered the painting knife and used it to finish this work.
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