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Josiane York Wall Art

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Born in North Carolina, Josiane York was raised in Upstate New York in the Syracuse area. Josiane has always been fascinated by the articulateness of the human form in the world around her. This made her to begin translating that fascination onto a surface at a very early age. The artist pursued an education in fine art because her dedicated high school art instructor seriously encouraged her after seeing the quality of her work. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from a university in America. She later went to Amsterdam to expand her perspective with studies in arts, which grounded her with much inspiration and insight. Her portfolio of influences concentrates on notable artists, but spans the course of art history. The artists she concentrates on are those of the 20th century including Diebenkorn, Manet, Warhol and Rivers.

She admires these artists a lot much as innovators and groundbreakers of their time for stepping outside the traditional realm of color. She also admires them for opening the door to a new degree of intensity. The artist is also inspired by the constant growth in our current age of fashion and art. She’s very much excited by the rapidly changing technology and perceptions that continue to become available to advance the future of art. Her style is sophisticated and current, while keeping hints of vintage quality and classicism just below the surface. Her keen sense of design and aesthetic value are evident in her work. She likes to jump right into her work and see where the painting takes her.
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