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Vi Thurmond Wall Art

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Vi Thurmond (Born 1928) was born in Marion, SD. She lived in many states including Iowa, Washington and South Dakota. Vi Thurmond is a graduate of AIB. After graduation she served as secretary to Iowa Governor Blue. She was a founder of the Iowa Decorative Painters Society. She spent most of her adult life as a master artist and teacher of portrait painting. She loved art from his childhood, and at that tender age, she began sketching, drawing and painting very attractive images that caught the attention of many observers. She could be seen drawing, painting and sketching images on any surface that was available. As years passed by, she began to produce wonderful portraits. Once her work came to the attention of the public, she began working professionally, and started to receive commissions and freelance work from those who loved her art. Vi Thurmond died in 2015 aged 86 years.

She is survived by her 3 children, Jane Goddard (Bill), Thurmond Paul (Cindi) and Lynne McKee (Mark); her brother Tieszen Herbert of San Diego, CA; 5 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. Shaw left behind hundreds of pieces of art that today adorn the walls of many building around the world. She also left behind hundreds if not thousands of fans found in all corners of the world. Surprisingly, her fan-base is still expanding to date. Her art are easily recognizable among the works of other artists. This is because she used a unique style. Her illustrations are some of the finest pictures in the world.
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