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Francoise Persillon Wall Art

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Françoise Persillon (Born 1951) was born in Bordeaux. One day while on her way to school, she stopped in front of a window of a bookstore where a reproduction of art by Van Gogh titled " Sunflowers " was on display and she stood there captured by it beauty (Van Gogh was a painter of the 19th century). While standing there, she immediately understood that the career of painting would be her own, though by then, it was still unknown to her. As a child, she attended museums, art shows and practiced drawing and painting from observation. Françoise was influenced by the Parisian School, the Impressionists and the classics; and she decided to perfect her skills by attending the National School of Fine Arts in Paris. The artist finds inspiration from her long bike rides, and from the rare moments when she daydreams and drinks her tea in front of her window.

Over time, Françoise’s work has evolved gradually and naturally to more rigor and excitement. She also designs lithographs and creates posters for publishers, for which she uses a different technique form the usual technique. Her artistic soul is fed by her observations which also invade her mind and her home. She fills her sketchpad with sketches of still lifes, landscapes and trees. She’s in a constant state of awareness and anything may catch her attention, including the most trivial things – a clear proof that she’s very keen to detail. Through strong but simple compositions, the artist seeks to share emotion and communicate through delicate sensations of color which oil allows her.
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