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Dexter Griffin Wall Art

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Dexter Griffin was born and grew up in Chicago, Illinois. Griffin loved art from a tender age and would spend most of his time drawing and sketching. Around age 5, he began to play and draw with colors. As the result of much encouragement from some friends who had noticed his talent, he worked hard and eventually he has become one of the most respected and recognized artists in America. He experienced a sudden surge of passion for art and that surge has been with him ever since. Griffin creates pensive prints that spark the imagination; his paintings are a true reflection of his love of art. They emit warmth, and he uses stark contrasts to depict scenes that all can appreciate. His artwork is emergent, in that it creates a deep, 3D illusion in a 2D space with creative and masterful control over perspective and color.

His work was outstanding and soon he began receiving commissioned works. His paintings are marked by life-like skin tones and rich textures, as can be seen in Zebras. His aim is to portray a sense of beauty and strength through his art. Griffin knows how to play with colors to balance his compositions and add to them some beauty and warmth. His art usually contains groups of objects that he arranges in various compositions playing on the balance and weight of each element to make them captivate his viewers. Griffin’s art is in many corporate and private collections throughout the world and is considered very prestigious.
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