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Gregory Myrick Wall Art

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Gregory Myrick is a professional Artist from Savannah, Georgia. He learned and started his painting when he was seven years old by taking a lot of watercolor workshops. From there his painting career has evolved to unimaginable levels. Myrick has been painting for over 29 years and has a total of 469 originally hand-painted pieces of artwork to his name. It is his dream that his arts will find their way into his viewers’ hearts and into their home then to become an iconic artist of the world. He is available for Workshops, Private Shows, Gallery Shows, and Commissions. Myrick’s paintings cover many different themes such as Sports ICONS, the Legendary and Famous performers and Artist, Jazz Art, African-American Culture, the Anti-Bellium South-from cotton fields to civil war, R&B Music Art, Nature and Wildlife, local and historical landmarks of Savannah, and more.

He has won numerous awards and prizes in various art shows. To him painting is a never-ending cycle of life. It is what he loves the most, it is his passion, and it is what makes him a Legendary Artist and a reputable man in Savannah, Georgia. In his artwork he retains all rights afforded to him by copyright law; including printing, copy rights, marketing and distribution of original work that he painted unless he signs those rights away formally and documented. Apart from oil painting, Myrick also enjoy playing chess, traveling, and going to see good movies. He is currently looking for possible investors who could come up with brilliant forms of investing to make his arts more profitable.
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