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Julie Nightingale Wall Art

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Eggs Fine Art Print
22" x 28"
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Julie Nightingale is an artist based in Cambridge but originally from Bury. She previously sold her artwork through various shops in Lancashire, before gaining a Bachelor of Arts degree. She’s known for her painting of flowers and natural objects like shells. Julie believes that truth in painting, just like in literature, can be portrayed deeply and more eloquently by depicting a true impression of the subject rather than stating all the visual facts. Being more of a traditional artist, most everything is self explanatory to her. However, Julie says that the discovery of color harmony is not as much an intellectual realization as it is a textural variation of brushstrokes combined with a savoring of a visual stimulus. Much like musical creations is meant to fall pleasantly upon our ears chords of color are meant to harmonize visually.

When she’s painting, she tries to remember the vivid colors of the objects so she can produce images that are as realistic as possible. Julie paints her works in colorful detail that reflect the emotional nature of her subjects. Her artistic talent was noticed at a very early age and she was encouraged by many to pursue art as a career. She also knew that she would become an artist. In pursuit of her dreams, she put more effort in her artistic endeavors. Her art has been the focus of discussion among many professional artists and students, and she has shared with her fans her favorite painting of very attractive flowers and other objects.
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