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Wilma Sanchez Wall Art

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Wilma Sanchez was born in the Dominican Republic. She demonstrated early abilities in fine art and could always be seen with art materials in her hand. She studied in a highly acclaimed art and design institution, the Altos de Chavon School of design, in the Caribbean. Later on, she moved to New York City where she joined the Parsons School of Design and obtained her Bachelors Degree in Fine Art. Upon her graduation, she began creating designs for the home furnishing and textile industry, which later developed into application of her work into greeting cards, fine art prints, and a variety of gift products. For a long time, to Wilma, mixed media meant using different art supplies (pencil, watercolors, acrylic etc) on canvas, paper or other flat surface. But she has learnt that mixed media extends so much further than that.

Her natural sensibility to texture, form, and color has helped shape and strengthen the style of her art. After years of experimentation with computers, digital imagery and supplies, she has come to realize that mixed media extend into almost everything. She says that it is like a network of tools and techniques, colors, textures and images all coming together – everything that makes an artist and the viewer happy. And the interesting thing is no matter what she’s working on be it sewing up a pillow, or soap making, the end results still has that “Wilma Brand.” She has let herself go in her creative playground…..where anything and everything is possible….no rules.
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