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Jocelyn Haybittel Wall Art

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Jocelyn Haybittel is so inspired by Europe and Paris in general. She says in these cities, there is beauty everywhere. The galleries and museums are a constant source of influences and ideas. She developed a keenness to detail because she realized the French pay such close attention to the smallest details. They also pay attention to the grand scale of things as well.  Every project brings her a different client with fresh ideas. She says it’s exciting to explore the unique aesthetic of each client. She likes to approach a project as collaboration with the clients so that the final piece is something that feels tailored to their taste. She always wants them to feel as that they also played a part in the process of producing the art and to be thrilled with the result. Jocelyn was born in South Africa and she must have inherited her father’s love of painting.

Her father was a fisherman and always took paints, brushes and an easel along with his fishing gear. As he waited for the fish to take a bite, he would thoroughly enjoy capturing the landscape on watercolor paper or canvas. Her mother had impeccable color sense and taste and would have been a brilliant interior designer. Wherever they lived, Jocelyn remembers her whipping up hanging wallpaper, slip covers for the furniture on her sewing machine –making each house comfortable and painting the rooms. Jocelyn learned from her that the surroundings can really affect someone’s mood and their life. She also learned that beautiful spaces can make one work better and feel better.
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