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Marie Frederique Wall Art

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Marie Frederique was born in Papua New Guinea. She got interested in art early in her life. Marie was raised in Southern Africa and was educated in England. She creates art that’s attractive and involves the viewer by bringing out the artist in each of the viewer. She intersects life with living to enrich viewers with a beautiful world painted just for them. Marie has taken mixed media to a wonderful new dimension, always developing fresh techniques of texture and coloring. She has an uplifting style and exudes a sense of exoteric suspense that grabs and keeps the undivided attention of the viewer. Marie considers herself as being “reborn” each time a new experience and culture touches her life, and it is that unique kind of exposure that makes her art radiate both originality and magnificence.

Marie says that for thousands of years it was left to the artist to bring into the spotlight the most beautiful things in life, while the rest were too busy going through it. But what she’s trying to do is to bring out the artist in every one of her viewers. The most amazing thing happens in this process; the life of the viewer gets enriched by a new dimension. And at that stage, she says that her work is complete. Developing new techniques beyond the traditional methods of coloring and texture, she has taken her art to a new level. She uses the elements of art perfectly well to bring balance to her compositions.
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