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Ghambaro Wall Art

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Ghambaro (Born 1948) was born in China and graduated from the Canton Fine Art Institute in 1970. He also studied at the Jinan University. As a student at the Art Institute and the University, he studied and mastered the techniques of the traditional Chinese painting plus French Impressionistic style of painting. After his graduation, he worked as a graphic designer and taught art in Guangxi, China. His art was exhibited at the Guangxi Art Show and the Peking Art Exhibition. At the age of 29, he was invited by the Art Institute of New Zealand to teach and he accepted. His techniques on impressionistic style painting were featured by New Zealand television as a series of programs. During the summer of 1980, he moved to and settled in the United States. Ghambaro solves the problem of the relationship between nature and man when creating a landscape.

He draws and involves the viewer into his pastoral scenes by the pleasant journey he promises and his knowledge of perspective. His paintings of street scenes and village life evoke an uncomplicated and a peaceful time. Some of his art convey a sample of life of the 19th century, while others evoke a contemporary life. Ghambaro’s paintings, with his depiction of technique, space and composition, are well founded in the school of Impressionism. Many of his water scenes, landscapes and village life, which are painted in separate brush strokes of mauve, teal, violet, purple, and lavender, overwhelm the viewer with a splendor created by his treatment of light, plus his use of color.
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