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Jake Vandenbrink Wall Art

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Jake Vandenbrink was born in Ontario, Canada. The Canadian wildlife and its wilderness inspire an energetic charm for this artist. His never-ending compassion for realistically portraying the beauty of nature began at an early age. Mountain Galleries at the Fairmont, in the summer of 2005, was proud to welcome him to their fine collection of Canadian artists. He spent a great deal of time consuming the sounds and sights of the world around him. He later recorded them with paper and pencil. Since then the artist has established a personal style of painting. This style has become accepted by collectors of fine art in Europe, the United States and Canada. Currently, he maintains a strong attraction for capturing the calmness of the wilderness, through his dedication and talent.

In earlier years, Vandenbrink worked in oils, pen and ink, and pencil, later he started painting basically in acrylics. He spent several years developing his style, after which his work took on a more realistic approach. To this day he continues to refine and nurture this style. He gives strict attention to each new image through the careful use of mood, lighting and color. He wants the viewer to be expressively involved with the scene and the subject, and to have the feeling of really being there. He’s a strong supporter of many conservation groups, and his art has raised thousands of dollars towards the preservation of environment and wildlife. Vandenbrink’s work has been both sought after and popular at fund-raising galleries and auctions across Canada.
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