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Roger Keiflin Wall Art

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Roger Keiflin (Born in 1949) was born in Alsace. He had always had one dominant love: painting. He’s primarily a self-taught and he started exhibiting his work at the age of fifteen and also won many prizes. Keiflin is established in Provence - this defender of rigor, lover of matter, without excluding compassion, opts for colors, which take over all his work. He’s always been a dreamer and so art is his way of expressing himself and translating his imagination onto canvas. Artistic ideas often come to him any time. He learns from his artwork. They teach him as he produces them. His paintings begin, most of the times, with his imaginations. They are also sometimes inspired by the last painting he worked on. Through a range of tones that he produces from a palette where ochres, reds and purples dominate, the artist is unrivaled, especially, for harmonizing colors, reproducing the ardor and luminosity of a sun-kissed landscape.

The artist usually has a firm idea of the main composition. However, the rest happens organically as he begins to paint. This is because she needs to have a good idea of which colors she would apply upon the next layer. He always has a plan to this background layer and says it’s the most significant time of his painting process. He feels art is the best way to express his feelings about the subjects that form the theme of his painting. His images make the viewer feel like they are actually with the subjects and are looking into the soul of the subjects in his artwork.
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