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Bold colors and strong lines accentuate the artwork of Johanna Kriesel. She loves to see small objects made monumental, to take out as much detail as possible but still have the object remain easily recognizable. The graphic images Johanna creates are vibrant contrasts in color, reminiscent of the poster style of the 1930’s. The “Golden Age of Travel Posters” and the Underground Art posters from London continue to be a source of inspiration for Johanna. Travel is a consistent theme in Johanna’s artwork and her life. Born in Berkeley, California, she spent her formative years in Europe and then in Colorado. She studied art history at the University of Oregon, then extended her studies in Italy. After living and working in the Seattle area for a number of years, Johanna and her family have moved to southern California where they are enjoying the beautiful climate. “I have a patient husband and a beautiful son who just so happens to be the smartest and the cutest kid around. When I am not working on my art, I’m building elaborate sand castles with my family and learning to surf.” Johanna has had a dynamic career in graphic art, including a stint producing zany props for the PBS show “Bill Nye, the Science Guy.” She has designed websites and graphics for various on-line companies and provided graphic design to Microsoft. 1n 1997, Johanna joined the family design business, Linnea Designs, with her mother as her mentor and her father as the business manager, completing projects for Pottery Barn, Travel Smith Catalog and the Discovery Channel.
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