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Fischer Warnica Wall Art

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Fischer-Warnica (Established in 1997) was founded by Michael A. Warnica and Tanya M. Fischer. Both have Bachelor of Fine Art Degrees; Tanya received her Painting degree from Arcadia University (formerly Beaver College) located in Pennsylvania in 1995, and Michael graduated with a degree in Illustration in 1991 from the University of Arizona in Tucson. While both Fischer and Warnica pursue their individual artistic interests and work on their own pieces. However, they do collaborate on a variety of ongoing works in a series. Their collaboration usually begins with one of them initiating the project by laying down line-work and adding color and then the piece is modified until both of them agree that it is finished. Once they agree that it’s finished, Warnica finalizes the design for the series and starts the line-work foundation. Fischer then builds upon that base with layers of paint and Warnica adds the finishing touches. The success of Fischer-Warnica collaboration is the result of both artists using their strengths.

Warnica's illustration background is represented in his keenness for detail and design and Fischer's energetic painting quality and her knowledge of color complement Warnica's more delicate and tighter method. Their collaborations have been successful because the partnership is based on similar artistic vision, the desire to be successful and willingness to compromise. They developed a unique combination of process where each works on what he/she is good at, creating a style reminiscent of California abstract expressionism. Their art has appeared in the pages of House Beautiful and several other interior design magazines. The works have also appeared in television and film, and several series, including "Judging Amy," "Reba" and "Desperate Housewives."
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