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Ron Burns Wall Art

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Ron Burns (Born in the 1950s) was born and raised in rural Ohio. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Communications from Ohio State University. In 1977, he moved to Los Angeles and into the world of corporate design; he was working on annual reports and corporate identity programs for clients such as Xerox, Dick Clark Productions and Blue Cross. Slightly more than 20 years ago he picked up a brush for the first time and started painting as a release from the corporate world. In his search to find inspiration for his artwork, he looked into the eyes of Rufus, his newly rescued puppy, and that’s how he embarked on a journey of painting loving, bright and colorful dogs. In 1992, Burns put his house up for sale and was surprised to find out that many prospective buyers were less interested in his house than in the art on his walls.

This was how his career as a fine artist began. Burns has painted countless dogs that have been rescued after surviving overwhelming odds. He has painted dogs that have devoted themselves to service, as he continues to portray the beauty of rescued dogs and their beloved family members. Burns makes it a point of regularly visiting the local animal shelters while on the road to a meeting with gallery owners or to appear at a show. Burns gives part of the profits from his paintings to shelters. He only does this with shelters that do not destroy animals.
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