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Howard Berman Wall Art

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Howard Berman had speech problem since childhood and at the suggestion of his speech therapist, he was given his first camera, a Polaroid, when he was 8. He enjoyed that notion of non-verbal communication and the instant gratification. What began as a therapy was to turn into a career in photography. As Berman’s speaking improved over the decades, he was able to convince people to pay him for his photographs. He is now a renowned photographer and his humorous and quirky vision I now sought by many in the art and advertizing world. Even though Berman spent many years in college, he is basically self-taught in photography. He has won numerous awards but is too modest to list them. His specialties include advertising, children, animals, conceptual photography and humor.

From a young age, Berman was able to produce very beautiful images of his subjects because of his love of photography and his passion for anything artistic. Berman has a distinctive and inimitable style that has earned him reputation as one of the world’s best photographers. He has passion for his environment, and that is his most valuable qualification. He loves what he does and his works are able to speak for themselves, attracting clients from around the world. His art is owned by galleries, private collectors and museums around the world. He has attended many art exhibitions and shows to help improve his skills, and has also participated in many art exhibitions where his photographs have featured prominently. Many of his photographs are inspired by the memories of the places he has visited and also of his childhood.
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