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Kevin McPherrin's art was infused by a two year Asian adventure in the early 1970's. Sailing his own boat from port to port, he studied watercolor in Singapore, batik in Java and traditional painting in Bail. Between ports, the pristine beauty of primitive areas like Sumatra, Borneo and Riau Islands inspired the jungle themes that still dominate his work. In Australia, Kevin built up a body of work, including mosaics, watercolors, and serigraphs. For the next ten years, Kevin studied between Australia, England and Bali, running a series of businesses while pursuing his art. Returning to America in 1986, Kevin devoted himself to art full time, creating his own work and promoting the work of a number of talented international artists. He exhibited in both group and one man shows both in the United States and overseas. Kevin's technique is controlled by watercolor. The composition is rendered and shaded in ink then, color is added in watered acrylics.
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