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For Terry Rose, each completed work is the result of much preparation, study and development. Inspired by movement and energy, Rose uses light on top of dark lines to create tension and movement. His connection with an athlete is based upon how the athlete responds at any given moment. By capturing the critical instant with his brush and paint, he arrests the moment but retains the spirit and essential gesture of the athlete at the peak of performance. With a background in graphic design and printmaking, Rose has received several awards in illustration and poster and package design. He has also donated his poster design for the Special Olympics of California and regularly contributes to various charity art auctions. He has had numerous gallery exhibitions, including a recent solo show at the Jill Thayer Gallery in Bakersfield, California, and a group show at Terrain in San Francisco, California. His art is represented in the collection of Roll International in Los Angeles, California, among others. He recently moved from Los Angeles to Providence, Rhode Island.
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